The Mysery Of The Black Holes: Weezer’s Songs From The Black Hole And Pinkerton

January 6, 2008

Weezer 1995

It’s weird, it’s never released and it’s the holy grail for all weezer fans. All weezer fans know where I am talking about, Songs From A Black Hole and his released up follower Pinkerton. Here is a short summary about both:

A Introducution To Weezer

Weezer’s lineup was:
-Rivers Comuo(Singer, Side-guitar, Lyrics)
-Matt Sharp(Bassguitar, Backing Vocals, Songwriting)
-Brain Bell(Leadguitar, Backingvocals)
-Patt Wilson(Drummer)

Weezer released in 1994 there first selftiteld(now also known as the blue album) album and it became a gaint sleeper hit. The single Budddy Holly got a Spike Jonze clip and loads of airplay on MTV and was included on the release CD of windows 95. It reached the top ten in the billboard charts and in varios other countries. Nerdidols Matt Sharp and mostly River Comuo became the so called re-inventers of the nerdrock and the new symbols from nerds. The album was full of nice friendly hearing punk-pop songs whit sometimes depressed but mostly naive lyrics. The album sold more then 2 million copies in 1994(now over 8 million) and is mostly labeld as one of the best punk-pop albums ever. It went like a dream for the four nerds out California.

Somethings Aren’t The Same: The Songs In/from A Black Hole

In 1995 Weezer started to record the follower up for there comircal and citical hit. River came up whit the idea to make a musical about a spaceship and a girl and boy how falled in love, lose eachother and find back. It might be a cirtical and comircal failure most people said but River started recording the songs in his home and on Havard where he studied. The recordings went well and good but something broked in Comuo. He sunk in a big depression and the songs didn’t made the studio at time(see link under the atrical). It’s cleary to hear something went terribele wrong in Rivers mind in songs like Longtime Sunshine and Come To My Pod. Spacy and depressed demos that later leaked online. It has something very weird all over them, also the band started to notice Rivers mental health was going down to fast for words. Then River scrapped just on one day the complete project, the band waiting in the studio. The band relationship didn’t came better but the big bang must came yet.

Crying Wolves And Japanse Schoolgirls: Pinkerton’s Drama

River gain back to Havard and was tottaly shy and destroyed. The people in Weezer shirts scared him because they might recunosigt him. He only wrote lyrics about dead, lost loves and the life he had. River showed up also much to late in the studios and mostly cound’t came because he must traveld to much from Havard then. He also tought about killing himself much, and there are rumours he tried it. So the other bandmebers started other projects(The Rentals and some hobbybands) to kill time. Also River’s right leg must be cut shorter so he must tought of all his chords lying in a bed whit a guitar in his hands. River’s chords became much more punky but the band started to hate eachothers guts a bit. River’s wasn’t there, River was at Havard in a gaint depression. All the songs go about girls expect the good life, Comuo’s lovelife also went down like hell. A girl he had a crush on turned to be a lesbain(Pink Traingle) or just used him(El Scorcho). It didn’t helped Rivers selfesteem futher, the only lightpoint he got was a letter of a Japanse 18 year old girl fan. It gave River a little bit of hope to write a song which isn’t dark or ironic after all. Still the song turned out pretty heavy(Across The Sea) but there is some hope in this anwser to the girl. She never anweserd him. The recordingsession didn’t became better to. The FT Apacha studio demos let hear a angery band which are just on the point of giving the rock and roll up and go back to there old lifes knowing that will never happen again. The lucky nerdess of there first one was gone even so there naiviaty. Wen the recordings where done the other well know Pinkerton sued Weezer for using the name, Weezer won but it only delayed the album release. The release found place in the middle of 1996 and it became a gaint flop(50.000 in first week and a place 36 in the billboard album top 100). Ciritcal the record was revieced whit (ultimate) postive revieuws but everyone just wanted that the band keep playing the happy nerds and don’t be a time bomb ready to exploded. The album now got a gaint cult-following and apairs in many best album ever listes.

We Were Teenage Rocksymbols: The Re-Birth Of Weezer

Matt Sharp stepped out the band in 1997 and would later sue Comuo but became the last years friendly to eachother again and even preformed together once. The band was for the half splitted up in 1997 of the course of a futher to choice musical path which also lead to Sharp leavemt. River would go into therapie and in 2000 out of nothing Weezer(The green album) was released. A album full whit nice summer popsongs(I like Pinkerton and Blue much more) which became a gaint come-back for Weezer. Now the heroes of the Emo and Nerds again Weezer will make 2 more albums in ther peroid 2001-2007(2002’s Maladroit and 2006’s Make Believe). River is happy again and the band is even bigger then they where in the time of the blue album. Still River doesn’t have a bit of rock and roll star behavoir. He keeps to be the shy boy which writes lyrics plays guitar and sing, the same for Patt, Scott(new bassist) and Brain. Weezer would never change but they done there best work already.


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January 6, 2008

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